Saturday, March 14, 2015


Gel polish has been a love/hate relationship. Given that nail polish only lasts a good few days on me, I warmly embraced gel polish when it first came out.  It's the removal that kills me when it comes to gel nails. You all know what I'm talking about. Your nails look like a cheese grater grazed against your nail in the removal process. The IBS show in New York city this past week was loaded with nail repair kits and products because of damage we all endure from those darn gel polishes!

BUT a game-changer has entered the room. Greg Salo, president of Young Nails, allowing me to rigorously test Caption polish by Young Nails between myself and a busy flight attendant. Caption is a professional gel polish alternative with LaqQ3 technology (a triple infusion of dual polymer technology, volcanic glass, shellac, and plant-derived plasticizers). All you need to know is that this means rich, pigmented polish that is tougher than polish and cures with air. The line has over 60 stunning colors. The removal results in NO NAIL DAMAGE. In fact, the base coat helps nails to grow.

What's important to understand is that the polish is not Kryptonite. It's supposed to last twice as long as your normal nail polish might wear. I think they say that to keep expectations low because I have already tripled my regular polish wear time with Caption. I might add it takes me a third of the time to apply the base coat, one richly, pigmented color coat and a quick-dry top coat when compared to gel or regular polish applications. If there were 5 stars for this product I'd give it 6! It has certainly exceeded my expectations and I truly believe the gel lines have something to worry about: speed, long-wear, amazing range of colors and no nail damage = Nail industry disrupted.

I will admit the lighter colors don't seem to have the longevity as the the dark colors do. The flight attendant that tested the polish found that the lighter colors chipped easily as did I, yet the dark colors, which seem rich in pigment just lasted way longer than any polish I've tried.

As a side note I wanted to add that Gelish is still my favorite gel line. They have an assortment of rich, nail-friendly colors and IF the technician soaks them the prescribed amount of time then the polish crumples right off without the damage......but that rarely happens does it. I like that you can still buy the Gelish line at Sally Beauty supply.

Get your nail tech to run and get Caption polish today!

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