Sunday, March 2, 2008


The greatest concern that most viewers have is CELLULITE! I never knew so many people are consumed by this issue.

I can't tell you how many photo shoots or catwalks I've seen filled with young models with less than smooth thighs. I can tell you this is certainly not about a weight problem!!!! Cellulite is a condition that plagues about 90% of post adolescent women, and it all begins with the skin!

Once again one of the best beauty treatment trends tends to come from the asians. There is a treatment they do called brushing. Brushing is a technique where you take a body brush and exfoliate the skin with light pressure. Circulation is increased and in turn stimulates the cells. Cells are what make up your skin. When cells get oxygen and nutrients (which is transported by your blood), it allows the cells to continue to reproduce efficiently.

Simply put the younger you make your skin, the tighter it becomes.

How do you brush?

First of all you can go to Target and pick a brush up for about $3.00!

Thighs: Take a firm bristled body brush and begin brushing in an upwards direction moving away from the feet.
It is important to do this so that any "cellular waste" can move towards the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is our garbage disposal. When you eat you go to the toilet. Ours cells do that on a microscopic level every second.

This may be too simply put for everyone, but I will try to get a video out on this very soon. I feel that way we can explain it a bit better visually.

You could also always pay a visit to your city's local Korea town spas. Brushing is one of their specialties.

Brushing also has another benefit; it helps to inhibit the amount of ingrown hairs from shaving, etc by removing the excess skin and allowing the follicle a clean exit away from the body.

The important thing is to remember the following tips:
Eat a healthy diet with plenty of good nutrition.
Drink approximately 2 liters of clean, natural water a day.
Brush skin on a regular basis to get the circulation going.
Keep active and make sure to stretch.
Keep skin well moisturized with a product like Olay Quench or pure Shea Butter with Jojoba

If you follow these steps you're sure to see some improvement in your skin in about 4 weeks!

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