Thursday, January 15, 2009


Behold......I have FINALLY found the lash formula that is the closest to the original Jan Marini lash formula. It is called NEU LASH.
I had my hesitations that Neu Lash would even work after growing weary from trying over a dozen "lash growth" products advertised on the market. It seemed pointless to test it now that the magic ingredient contained in the original lash growth products was revoked from cosmetic products.....that is until one day metrosexual Santa Monica Bob sent me over a tube and said I HAD to try it.
He said it was so effective on him he had to cut his lashes shorter.

With hesitation I applied the Neu Lash formula at the base of my lashes every night as instructed.
First week. Nothing.
2nd week. Nothing too noticeable.
3rd week. It began to look a little fuller.
4th week. Fullness maintained.
Fast forward to 2.5 months......WOW! My lashes aren't yet up to my brows, but they're considerably longer and fuller. Everyone asks me if I have lash extensions on when I put on my mascara. Yippee!!!!

And by the way if you prefer to pay to see an eye doctor to get a prescription for lash growth.....please be my guest.


Like most of the lash growth companies on the market, many were forced to reformulate. Please note we have not tested the new formulation of this product since it first launched. Let us know if you have and what you think of it!

Thank you,
Mary Schook


Jon said...

I used NEU LASH before bed per the instructions. I woke up with a huge RED SPOT on the white of my eye. I was very careful applying it. I do not believe this product is safe. I look like I got punched in the eye. I try to go to their website for help and found nothing. Not even a phone number to call for help. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING NEU LASH!!!!! I HAVE A RED EYE TO PROVE IT!

beauty said...

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the feedback. In all of the time that I have used this product and with the hundreds of my clients and their friends on the product I have only heard of two people with mild sensitivity, but they felt the effects were so overwhelming they continued to use the product. The formula is basically vitamins with peptides.

When using an eye product it's easy to develop conjunctivitis if you are prone to eye infections, the product got contaminated or if you share your product with anyone else. We have mites that live in our lashes and they can overdevelop for many reasons:
In regards to the contact information: it's listed under contact at
They're a great company to deal with and I'm sure they would love to hear any feedback.

Thanks for sharing,
Mary Schook

Aliya Smith said...

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