Wednesday, February 3, 2016


In the past I usually tried to avoid the long-wear lip colors. They were great in concept, but overall most of them can be very drying and cause some pretty gruesome wear and tear on the lips. I'll find myself endlessly picking and biting at my lips with long-wear lip colors, which is why until now I usually wore the Clinique Red-y to Wear lipstick. The Clinque Red is moisturizing, doesn't feather and most importantly has some good staying power for a lipstick. Sadly Clinique discontinued that color!

Enter L'oreal's Infallible Pro-last color lipstick. I bought it and decided to test it at a recent wedding. Despite the massive amount of  food and drinks I consumed that evening it lasted from that night into the following morning. Unfortunately I was unable to add a hot makeout session to that test, but I can attest to the fact that it doesn't feather or transfer unless you eat something oily. The pigment stayed true with high-intensity. That being said it's not advisable to reapply this lipstick without fully removing it. It will get thick and uneven if you do.

The Clinique never gave me any issues and had great staying power, but I was limited in colors that performed as well as Red-y to Wear did. The L'oreal Infallible Pro-last has a good range of colors to play with. For me the number one reason I now personally wear it and can't go without it is it performs without ripping or drying out my lips. It also doesn't feel like I have a strange coating on my lips. I hate the way that most of these two-step long-lasting lip colors make my lips feel and this one is easy to compare to the feel of a lip stain.

Like all two-step lip color products this one comes with a balm. The second step pro-seal balm keeps the color and your lips moisturized for hours. Make sure you wait a couple of minutes after the lip color (step 1) has dried before applying the balm.  (I even like the balm by itself at times while I head out to the gym since I'm already carrying it).

You can keep the application light on the lips like a stain or heavy and vamp (instagram lips). I will warn you the heavier you go on color the more pro-balm is recommended to keep your lips from sticking to each other.

While this may be a drugstore product, I can assure you it will be used by many top makeup artists for major shoots and red carpet events.  If I had any qualms about the product it would be there isn't enough balm in proportion to lip color. L'oreal should sell extra balms should you still find yourself with a lot of leftover lip color. Overall this product gets five stars from Mary Schook!


While I still stand behind the staying power of the L'oreal Infallible Pro-Last color lipstick I have since found a new love: the Sephora Cream Lip Stains. It's a one-step lipcolor instead of two. I wear color 01 ALWAYS RED and get stopped in the street by everyone because of this color.  This formula also does not dry out the lips, but it's not completely non-transferable. It wears more like an ultimate wear lipstick than a permanent lip color.  The other down side is Sephora needs a wider range of colors. There's about two in the line that look okay on me. Definitely worth checking out! 

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