Monday, March 10, 2008



Biolage partnered with top accessory designer Hollywould to create a limited edition white patent leather weekender for jet-setting celebrities during the busy awards season to help them tote their statuettes and stilettos home in style.

For the first time ever, a select number of bags will be available for purchase online at so we mere mortals can get our hands on spring’s must-have carry-on bag ($300), as well as Biolage’s new Professional Styling Collection before it launches in salons this spring.

What I love is that 100% of all proceeds from all bag sales go to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation to help prevent pediatric HIV infection and eradicate pediatric AIDS. Yeah!

The NEW Biolage products included (again not available until May in salons) are the Molding Souffle, Volumizing Whipped Mousse, Sculpting Jelly, Shine Endure Spritz, and Freeze Fix Hairspray. They contain new technology that will strengthen and rebuild hair.

I got a chance to use the Mousse which comes out of an entertaining cannister like whipped cream. It gave my 26+ inch hair more body, and I was impressed with the fact that it gave me shine which most other mousses do quite the opposite. In fact mousses usually dry my hair out.

So you can either wait until May to find out more about these products or you can give to a good cause and everyone wins!

I won't tell Uncle Sam!

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Anonymous said...

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