Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I've grown to loathe mascara. Most mascaras out there irritate my eyes. Other popular formulas make my lashes brittle. Some even cause major lash fallout for me for a multitude of reasons. For $7.50 I thought I would give Almay's new formula GET UP AND GROW in the non-waterproof formula (blackest black) a whirl.

I can't say enough great things about this mascara. From the minute I put it on it made my wimpy lashes buxom. Even the janitor at my office mentioned he noticed something different after I had debuted the mascara. He said 'you look younger for some reason today'. Others noticed as well. So volume: check.

Then I noticed that if I left the formula on overnight (because I was too lazy to take it off) it was really easy to reapply right over what I already had on without clumping. How many mascaras can you say that about????? In fact I feel like the more layers you work with the greater the impact you get without the clumps. Length plus volume: check.

After a week's use I started to notice my lashes grow. Why? This is easily explained. The formula is not drying, but nourishing to the lashes. The lashes remain soft throughout use whereas the other formulas on the market are quite drying and make my lashes blunt from breakage over time.

This formula also does not irritate me. This is a huge plus.

I could see a couple of cons with this formula. If you have oily skin this formula might give you a raccoon eye at the end of the day like some of the old mascaras in the 80's did. I don't get it because I have dryer skin, but the formula is so emollient I could see it causing a problem.

The second thing I noticed while using it on some models at a photoshoot the other day is that if you have very straight lashes the formula may not hold your curl as well. It just means you might have to maneuver your curler a little bit more. Not a deal breaker for me when you consider all of the other advantages.

Overall I have not been this thrilled about a mascara in a very long time. Look back at the posts and see.

Let me know what you think!

p.s. I think I'll try the waterproof next. Something tells me the non-waterproof is still going to be the best formula for me though.


Cathy of Top Beauty Secrets said...

Well good for you.

Cathy of Eyelash Growth Products said...

Wow thanks for letting us know about this mascara. Its great!