Wednesday, July 30, 2014



The International Beauty Show (and IECSC) were held at the Javitts March 2014. It was one of the better beauty shows I have seen in New York in a long while. Major beauty player Redken headlined for the first time in years showing technicians how to creatively inspire their customers through color.

Over the last decade the IBS shows had hit a sharp decline and felt more like a flea market featuring carnival side shows than the high fashion/ Avant-garde events I grew up with. I was embarrassed for the industry and sad at the same time. In the past (WAY back) these shows were around to primarily inspire artists and help technicians brush up on their craft. The industry forgot how to inspire and in turn forgot how to sell. It shows in the salons and spas. This is one reason the Groupons of the world have been so successful. Trust me, when a customer finds a great technician/artist they don't let go!

Brands and educators are supposed to be leaders and lead by example especially when it comes to these shows, but sadly the last several years have been and continue to be about Moroccan and Merula oils, Brazilian blowouts, too many nail polishes and dodgy lash extension products. 

Customers are coming to salons with problems and looking to artists for a vision, but they're not finding them. I know this because I hear it day in and day out being an esthetician and being someone who has worked in this industry for over 20 years. 

On the IECSC side there were lots of whispers concerning the lack of talent and spas having an especially difficult time of staffing decent talent. As a spa owner I know this tends to be true. 


SunFX spray tans: best sunless tan spray tan I've ever seen. No orange. No bad buildup. No dry skin. Layers well. This poor guy in the photo had to have been sprayed at least 100 times in the face before I got to him. Normally any other spray tan would have already made his face look very dirty. I think anyone would find difficult to spot this one as a fake (minus 50 fewer sprays). 

Hair Botox by Kashmir Kerath. It's the only hair product on the market with actual Botox (Botulism). I was unable to speak with the owners, but from the demo that I saw the product gave silky, straight hair instantly. It didn't look dry like some of the other straighteners do. All- in-all a very interesting concept. Licensing Botox® alone had to have been a fortune, but I don't see the trademark so who knows...the educator had assured me the Botox® was in there.

The lip mask by Satin Smooth seems fun especially for those winter chapped lips. Masks can be very effective at helping to penetrate moisture. 

We've moved past heated rhinestones in the hair and on to fun shapes! Kinda cute for the teens.

The Alessandro Hand Spa Silky Gloves protects your hands through ten washes! This is fantastic for super dry winters and bartenders that constantly get their hands wet. It's time to stop neglecting those hands!

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